Comprehensive Cyber Security Services and Simplified Situational Awareness with HAWC Managed Security Service

Founded in 2008, Ionize has built a reputation for pragmatically uplifting the security of our clients by utilising our proven methodology across the full spectrum of Cyber Security services across private and public enterprises;

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services and Solutions by Ionize

Governance, risk and compliance

We help clients establish a strong security foundation by aligning business objectives with industry standards and regulations.


Penetration testing & offensive services

Our expert team offers comprehensive penetration testing and offensive security services to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.


Security hardening and engineering services

Our security engineering services cover design, implementation, and management of secure solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


Monitoring & managed services

Our Hunting, Analysis and Warning Centre (HAWC) offers 24/7 threat monitoring and incident response to simplify Cyber Security situational awareness.


Education and awareness

We offer customized security awareness training programs for employees to raise awareness and mitigate human-related security risks.

Managed Security Service for Simplifying Cyber Security Situational Awareness

In 2020 Ionize took a further step towards simplifying Cyber Security situational awareness with the launch of HAWC – the Hunting, Analysis and Warning Centre managed security service. HAWC enables customers to benefit from 24/7 threat monitoring and incident response without investing scarce time, capital and technical skills. HAWC operates from its secure data centre in the ACT and caters for both classified & unclassified security operations services. 

DISP Certified, Ionize is an active participant in OWASP and ISO27001 standards development processes and a key contributor to the TAFE National Cyber Curriculum. Ionize doesn’t just