The power of proven experience.

We guarantee sovereignty, expertise, and leadership in
Australian Cyber Security services.


Providing expert advice on cybersecurity strategies and best practices for businesses, training, penetration testing, assurance and digital talent management.

Risk Management & Compliance

Conducting risk assessments and ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.

Security Infrastructure Solutions

Designing and implementing secure network and infrastructure solutions, including cloud security and access management.

Incident Response & Threat Intelligence

Providing a rapid response to cybersecurity incidents and real-time threat intelligence and analysis.

About Us

Bringing together the best in class Australian Cyber Security providers.

Brought to you by Glengarry Advisory, The Sovereign Cyber Collective, brings together proven experience with a collective of the best in class Australian Cyber Security providers.

Glengarry Advisory is one of Australia’s most trusted consulting companies to private and public sector organisations.  Through our work with government and major infrastructure companies, we are seeing that Australia’s capacity to deliver high-quality, dependable Cyber Security products and services is being hampered by supply chain disruptions and global unpredictability. In order to meet and sustain national priorities, Australia must preserve its own capabilities.


In uncertain global times, sovereign cyber competence and reliability are essential. Australia requires a self sufficient, world leading, and innovative cyber industry.

Cyber security is a complex and specialist sector.

The challenge the market faces is in distinguishing between good and bad providers and outputs.  In recent times, there have been a number of roll-ups of cyber companies aiming to control the market and lessen competition. These rollups alter the market by eradicating competing forward thinking and innovative Cyber Security Companies.

As a result we are seeing that market is being denied access to expertise, products, and services that are Australian owned, proven, and best in class.


Our guarantee of sovereignty

  • Vetting

    Incoming companies are vetted for their sovereign credentials and track record in delivery, and aspirations for growth or Merger and Acquisition.

  • Monitoring

    Incumbent companies’ performance is monitored using SFIA frameworks for services and assurance activities for products.

  • Upholding

    If a company loses majority sovereign ownership, they must exit the collective. This is not designed to stop companies merging or being acquired, but encourage them to stay sovereign.


Our guarantee of quality

The Sovereign Collective entities involved in the collective are carefully chosen to ensure we offer market leading capabilities in Cyber Security.

  • Committed to Best Practices and Independent Assessments

    We are aware of the trust placed in us by our clients. We are committed to best practises industry standards, and our work is assessed independently and enhanced.

  • Vetting Entities for Expertise and Alignment in Collective

    The Sovereign Collective entities involved are vetted for expertise, track record in delivery, and alignment on the values of the collective.

Services we offer

Through our end to end range of cyber capabilities, the collective is able to offer services in...

Consulting and advisory

Providing expert advice and guidance to Australian organisations on cybersecurity strategies, policies, and practices to help them achieve their security goals and protect their assets from potential cyber threats.


Ensuring that an organisations cybersecurity policies and practices align with its overall business objectives, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Threat intelligence

Gathering and analysing information about cyber threats and vulnerabilities to help organisations proactively identify, and mitigate potential risks.

Risk and compliance

Assessing an organisations security risks and ensuring that it complies with relevant industry and government regulations, such as the GDPR or HIPAA.

Incident response

Providing timely and effective response to security incidents and breaches, including investigation, containment, and remediation.

Penetration testing and assurance

Identifying potential vulnerabilities in an organisation’s systems and applications by conducting simulated attacks, and recommending measures to mitigate the identified risks.

Network and infrastructure solutions

Designing, implementing, and maintaining secure network and infrastructure solutions, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and VPNs.

Cloud security and solutions

Providing secure cloud infrastructure, applications, and services, as well as designing and implementing cloud security strategies.

Identity and access management

Managing access to an organisation’s systems and applications, including authentication, authorisation, and identity governance.

Managed security services

Providing ongoing monitoring and management of an organisation’s security infrastructure, including threat detection and response, vulnerability management, and incident management.

Digital talent management

Recruiting, training, and retaining cybersecurity professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively protect an organisations assets.

Cybersecurity training

Providing cybersecurity training to employees and other stakeholders to raise awareness about potential cyber threats and promote secure behaviors.

The collective

The Sovereign Cyber Collective is committed to delivering Australian owned, best in class Cyber Security services, in an honest and collaborative format to our clients.


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