TLR Communications, branded as TLR Global, is an Australian Sovereign Cyber Security.

Founded in 2014, the company focuses on its Proprietary Automated Security Software-based solutions. TLR believes that Cyber is not just for the “big” end of town and is committed to providing these solutions to small and medium entities that can integrate into their business needs without the usual unreasonably high costs.

We design solutions tailored to the needs and problems of your business using a combination of our technology and partnerships.

Much of the approach to the Cyber problem is driven by budgets rather than solving fundamental issues.



We build our solutions around our own experience, with our proprietary software-based solutions being the Continuous Automated Vulnerability Scanning (CAVS) and our “Software Enhanced Threat Hunting” (SETH) platforms, helping clients protect their environments, both internal and external protection.



TLR is a software-driven and enabled Incident Response Security Operations focused company. We believe in providing “software-enabled” people or workforce, where our software augments, enhances and allows our people – our clients, to operate more effectively. TLR provides software that creates “capability multipliers”.