Expertise in Supporting Diverse Organizations with Security Challenges

We support a variety of organisations ranging from Federal, State and Local Government, through to private entities across a range of portfolios and industries with particular experience in Defence industry and Critical Infrastructure.  We understand the challenges involved with the implementation, sustainment and continuous improvement of security and with the evolving and emerging risks in the threat environment.

We deliver across the range of Cyber Security services and specialise in:

Threat Intelligence

From our Threat Intelligence Fusion Centre based on the Sunshine Coast, our team of qualified and experienced analysts provide tailored threat intelligence products and services.  Driven by our team of former military intelligence specialists, we bring unique skills and experience that most organisations don’t have the resources or knowledge to do themselves.  Services include:

  • Threat Assessments/ Threat Profiles
  • Process Enrichment
  • CTI Capability Development
  • Intelligence Augmentation to your Security Operations
  • Bespoke intelligence research and analysis

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

We have deep experience across the breadth of security frameworks and policy including the Information Security Manual (ISM),  ISO 27001 and 27002 series and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework.  Our approach is intelligence led and driven by an understanding of risk from which we deliver GRC services designed to meet the real needs of our clients.  We bring particular knowledge and experience to Defence security accreditation.