We have a pedigree with access to some of the most experienced SFIA consultants globally.

Our team includes members of the SFIA Council and the Global SFIA design authority, and we actively contribute to the ongoing evolution of SFIA. Our platform has won innovation awards and has been used to perform thousands of assessments. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, you are in safe and secure hands.

SkillsTX allows organisations to answer 2 of the most important questions for the data economy:

What skills do we have?

SkillsTX captures an organisation’s skill inventory.


What skills do we need?

SkillsTX allows the definition of current and future requirements (Job/Role).


What skills do we Build (upskill), Buy (recruit), Borrow (contract), Bridge (Mobilise).

The resulting gap analysis informs crucial decision-making.

Built from the ground up with our clients at the centre.

Before designing and building SkillsTX, the founders spent years helping organisations reap the benefits of digital skills management using SFIA. The design and roadmap bake in this knowledge and experience into the design and roadmap.